Thai rubber farmers are encouraged to switch to other crops

2015-04-06 09:17:31 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read

According to the Economic and Trade website tha Landesbahn by international market price of rubber attenuates Chung this year, the rubber situation in Thailand is always a concern. Tha Moor Kaitai Research Center, believes that one of the options to improve the situation of the rubber manufacturers are planning to move heavy duty rubber other economic crops such as palm oil, cassava, sugar cane. In the case of low rubber prices rise, this may L Direction, currently be rubber producers.
However, producers in Tha Moor, where the decision k might also taking into account other au profit he gains, such as geographic location factors; Soil, water, air-conditioning; local traditional production methods and the knowledge and skills F; Market conditions (price sources / products); Co produc ts, Including Lich cooperation fixed costs (land, machinery and farm equipment) and Co variable costs (labor d'oeuvres, fertilizers, pesticides worry); Cultivation of this crop recovery; Cultures and other future price trends. Therefore, the Rubber Manufacturers tha Country should take into account the above factors, the development of appropriate cultural program.
Rubber prices caused by an oversupply problems Tha Moor agriculture is a lesson profound. The country encourages farmers to switch to other crops, they are only a M Possibility to help farmers. The effectiveness of these measures
Ma Is dependent on a variety of factors, in particular the various regions of the country hangs, the situation for each farmer. Therefore, be zust Ndigen services of Thailand is the focus of management of agricultural supply to the stability T the prices of agricultural products to wt Hrleisten, the difficult task is the ultimate goal to help farmers to market to manage risks effectively ,