Tire exports Switzerland does not require a certificate of origin

2017-09-30 08:34:09 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read

According to the "Sino-Swiss FTA", the exporter may authorize the origin of the country to produce and export to Switzerland, China originating goods issued by the origin of the statement, no need to apply for a certificate of origin to the visa authority.

Relevant goods can be declared by origin, declared in Switzerland when the import, apply for preferential tariff treatment.

In addition to Switzerland, the system also applies to China and Iceland and Liechtenstein's import and export trade.

Approved exporters "system to avoid the time and expense of the visa system and the need for a certificate of origin, and to solve the problem of slow transfer of certificates, affecting the customs clearance of enterprises outside the issue.

According to reports, in the customs registration, access to customs senior certification (AEO) production-oriented enterprises, can submit a written undertaking.

After the relevant audits are granted, the enterprise will be granted the "approved exporter" qualification after granting the "approved exporter registration number".

In addition, if the customs management category downgraded, or by customs verification, issued by the origin of the statement is not true, the seriousness of the enterprise, will no longer enjoy the "approved exporter" qualification.