How long after the production tire performance is the best

2017-04-25 08:56:58 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read

On the issue of the use of tires, experts are a matter of opinion. The latest view is that tires are not food, and the closer they are to the production date, the more "fresh".

New tires are not durable

Recently, the Malaysian tire rehabilitation and agents Association Federation Wu Jinchun expressed the view that the tire is a combination of a variety of chemical products made, therefore, must go through a period of time to release these chemicals and stability, is the best use of the installation time.

He was in attendance to celebrate the founding of the 41st anniversary dinner, in his speech about the matter.

He said that by this time, the tire in addition to wear resistance can achieve the best performance, you can also use longer, longer kilometers.

"The owner has always believed that the new tires are just the factory is the best, so in the replacement of tires, all must be marked out of the tires, especially the younger generation of owners, the tire structure without a deeper understanding, which makes the tire The industry must pay a lot of words and patience to explain.

Wu Jinchun revealed that they have approached the tire manufacturers and tire importers, will be held in the near future will be discussed for this topic, then will publish a clear guide to the use of tires for the owner to provide a reference.

Consumers know nothing about it Another local tire industry director Chen Sunwei said that the new production of tires, in fact, need to stock 8 to 12 months in order to enter a stable period. But many users know nothing about this, blindly pursue the "fresh", changing the normal use of tires.

He said that the majority of goods sold on the market, are accompanied by shelf life, which allows owners to think of tires should also have a shelf life. However, the tires are not food, not the more fresh the better.

"In other words, the closer a new tire is to its production date, the shorter its life."

He bluntly, some tire industry in order to please customers, and even said the same day to sell the stock of tires for the second trash, and then provoke the user dissatisfaction with other colleagues.

Perak Tire Association General Cai Yuanfang pointed out that many imported tires from foreign countries, from the production to the destination, it takes 2 to 6 months. Therefore, the user to buy stocks 8 to 12 months of the tires, in fact, only a few months difference.

Many people will determine the life of the tire based on the tire's production date. In this regard, Cai Yuanfang that the user should be tread on the tread depth or the total mileage has been to determine whether to replace the tires, rather than look at the production date. Cai Yuanfang also said that the best tire shelf life of 1 to 3 years, and then will begin to appear hardening and affect the quality. "But everything still depends on the tires' brand."