China 's accession to the WTO 15th anniversary of the impact of China' s tires

2016-12-12 08:30:56 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read

Today, China entered the WTO for 15 years. In the fifteen years, China's total export value from the world's seventh, ranking first in the world, India engraved with "Made in China" goods all over the world. China has become the second largest economy after the United States and the total import and export volume of the world's top countries. At the same time, however, China's growing variety of complaints in the WTO, industrialized countries no longer have a pleasant surprise to look at the newly arrived in China, and began to use more critical, harsh vision and more frequent complaints response. June 2015, the US Department of Commerce issued a passenger car and light truck tire anti-dumping and countervailing final ruling, finds that China's exports to the US tires dumping and subsidies.

US investigation into China, but with a third country as a reference to calculate the cost of China's export enterprises, for Chinese enterprises is not fair. Tire pairs of anti-selected alternative country is Thailand, Thailand's overall economic level and industrial supply chain system and level is relatively low. With its production efficiency and staff costs and social costs in terms of speaking, finished after the same scale of production under the cost of Thailand may be higher than our 20-30%. Because it is the economic level of different countries decided to replace the country's way to determine our production costs, and finally concluded that our production costs, or our export prices, much lower than the cost of production in the country of substitution. Finally, it can be calculated, the US imports of Chinese enterprises, anti-dumping or countervailing duty rate, resulting in high tax rates.This algorithm for China, the impact is very large, the Chinese car tire exports to the United States as a whole dropped by nearly half of the truck tire part of the final has not yet completed, such as on file for more than half of the market share will be lost.

After the double reverse, many powerful Chinese tire companies to build factories in Thailand, Chinese enterprises worried about the future, Thailand was labeled double anti-label is sooner or later thing, Chinese enterprises will continue to be pushed. Faced with such a grim international situation, Chinese enterprises need to further strengthen their internal strength and external work, relying on upgrading the product innovation and technical level to win the market to actively respond to double reverse, I believe Chinese enterprises will be able to rely on their own strength to open up regional and bilateral Cooperation, a firm foothold in the world economic arena.