Chinese tire why performance is not bad but low prices

2016-05-30 07:59:29 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read

In this test, France and the United States and other expensive international brands of tires, the tire has not been affirmed evaluation experts, while Chinese tire performance won the praise of experts.

However, compared with international brands, Chinese tire market has priced in a lot of low, even compared to some second-tier international tire brands, the price is a lot worse.

This is why?

The rapid development of China's automobile industry to promote the rapid growth of the tire market. Currently, one third of the world tire production from China.

A huge market and broad prospects for development, attracting many international brand tire industry chain settled in China, which intensified competition in the domestic tire market.

Especially the high-end tire market, has become the focus of domestic and foreign tire companies compete. Of which a large part of the market share, firmly occupied by foreign brands.

So, from the Chinese tire companies to become world-class enterprises How far?

There are professionals Chinese tire companies is designed to realize the internationalization of the "triple jump."

The first step is to go out and sell products; the second step is transnational operations; the third is a truly global brand, that is to achieve double breakthrough in size, profits.

More and more domestic tire brands, has now taken the first step and the second step. But from multinational operators really up to "world-class enterprise", which is still not a small gap between.

According to analysis, the gap is that many domestic enterprises have yet to do as an international tire brands that make their products with high added value and high profit margins.

The test results show that the CCTV, in safety and comfort, Chinese brands of tires performance is not bad, even far beyond the internationally renowned big in many ways.

The industry has recognized China's tire manufacturing performance, quality, pattern and safety, comfort, etc., have been much worse than foreign products, but the price is low many.

The reason the one hand, some enterprises in order to seize the market, and lower prices to sell at all; on the other hand is that there is less tire China reflects the value of the brand.

Insight that Chinese tire competitors in order to stand out in crowded markets by the need to find positioning in line with their own development characteristics, which branding is the key.

According to the analysis, to build first-class brand of tires, we must first gain a firm foothold in the high-end market. This will not only make the domestic tire manufacturers to get rid of low-profit predicament, but also enhance the brand influence.

In addition, the domestic tire manufacturers to truly stand in the perspective of brand building, rather than the traditional hardware manufacturing point of view, look at the problem end of the market development.

In recent years, as China's scientific research and technology development and progress to the second choice Rubber Group, represented by independent domestic tire companies, has begun to enter the high-end tire market strong,

Chinese enterprises to enhance the brand, so that the original tire market structure is gradually being broken.