Secret Cooper Tire China "new love"

2016-01-27 07:35:19 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read

Recently, the US tire manufacturer Cooper Tire announced an acquisition in China. This allows the cells from Qingdao Rui of Tyre Co., Ltd. (GRT) into the spotlight.

According to the tire world network to understand, Qingdao GTS reached stand 2014, is a relatively new business, currently has 600 employees, with an annual capacity of only 2.5 million -300 ten thousand truck tires.

Compared with the solid platinum "former" partner in China Chengshan Tire, Georgia Rui either from the size and qualifications, it seemed to become enough weight. So, with hundreds of tire companies in Shandong, solid platinum why on the grid Rui "soft spot"?

Not long ago, Qingdao City, Shandong Province Bureau of Commerce released dozens of "foreign brand the town," where Qingdao Pingdu "Ming village Tire Town" was selected. Rui grid is the "tire town," one of the representatives of enterprises.

Shandong provincial government named the villages and towns of the rubber tire characteristic industry town, with a total area of 246.8 square kilometers, is located in Qingdao, Yantai, Weifang City, the heart belongs to Qingdao one hour economic circle. Rubber tires is one of its three pillar industries.

The town's new polymer materials industrial park, gathering rubber tires and 30 supporting enterprises, with an annual steel, semi-steel and all kinds of bias tires more than 100 varieties, more than 12 million workers, more than 8,000 people.

Tire World Network was informed that the town tires produced mostly for export, the products are exported to Europe, Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

According to reports, in order to avoid and reduce the "double reverse" and other cases involving grid Rui paid great attention to value-added products, at present, its products all use of green materials. After the establishment of the company, Qingdao soft control and other enterprises use advanced equipment, high-tech products.

In addition, the grid Rui also has an experienced management team. Its original investors Qingdao Yi Yuan Investment Co., easily Yuan Zhihua founder has many years of experience in the tire industry, but as a professor of Qingdao University of Science and Technology.

Cooper Roy Armes, Chairman, CEO and President Zeng praised grid Rui Qingdao team in the field of industry knowledge and technology has a very deep knowledge, impressive.

Tire World Network has learned that Cooper acquisition target is for the North American and Asian markets looking for a high-quality, low-cost steel tire supplier. After a number of acquisition targets for comprehensive consideration, Ge Ruida successful candidates.

Allegedly, after the completion of the acquisition, the newly formed solid platinum (Qingdao) will serve as a solid platinum tire global product supply system in part, for tires in North America and other export markets, taking into account the Asian market.

The villages and towns responsible person also said that in the future, the company exports could reach $ 500 million, to the villages and towns of the foreign trade will play a significant role in boosting.

Some industry analysts said, compared with Chengshan Tire, Ge Ruida tire started late, weak in strength, but because there is no clear direction opposite might better control and integration.

It is reported that, after the solid platinum shares, fully take over and determine the new direction of the company. For Ge Ruida tire, it will be a new life; for solid platinum, it is fully capable of ensuring their brand authority.

I believe things happen for a mountain will not be repeated.