The United States in 2015 amounted to 312 million tires delivery

2015-12-13 08:20:41 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read
US Rubber Manufacturers Association recently predicted that by 2015, the US tire shipments will reach 312 million.
The association recently published data show that total shipments American original tires, and light truck replacement tires, heavy-duty truck deliveries of original and replacement tires tires, rose slightly in 2015, while light truck and car replacement tire slightly there decline.
Compared with the previous year, the United States in 2015 fell more cars original tires for the 2.3 million, medium and heavy truck tires and replacement tires to increase the original 500,000, respectively, light truck replacement tires increased 200,000.
In addition, cars declined 1.8 million replacement tires, light truck tires declined original 300,000.