Chinese tires are very popular in the international market

2015-11-21 08:00:27 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read
Chinese tire market feedback is good
You do tire export business for 19 years, the Chinese tire brand image abroad What personal feelings?
Overall, the international market is still very acceptable Chinese products, especially tires, because in recent years the quality of Chinese tires rising, domestic tire brand market feedback is good.
How do you see a price war? Price war and what impact on Chinese tire enterprises?
Production is to have value-added products, there are profits, but some enterprises in order to get orders, caught customers, and the use of the price war, to deserve to make profits out, is the "ton output capacity." This led directly to companies do not profit. No profit how to survive? Enterprises are closed down.
The price war on corporate brand building is also very unfavorable terms. Tire price is too low, people will think China is a low-end brand tires. In fact, many Chinese tire should be able to sell a higher price once the price pressure down, it is difficult to improve.
Foreign factories is to circumvent the "dual"
China has a number of tire companies to build factories abroad, is what prompted them to go out?
The main reason is to avoid the "double reverse." Because some countries do not recognize China as a market economy, it is looking for a third-party reference to countries, such as Thailand.
Thailand's labor costs than China, they are strict eight-hour workday, Chinese labor costs are low, of course, is not really low, but Chinese factories often work overtime, and do not pay overtime wages.
In addition, the raw material is on the one hand. For example, some Southeast Asian countries rich in natural rubber, but the cost impact of natural rubber on the tire, may be only 10% -20%, is not decisive.
Out construction and domestic overcapacity on the right?
I do not think much, Chinese tire companies are facing major trade barriers. For example, after the United States launched the "double reverse", Europe and even the Middle East countries have to follow it.
They believe that China will be like the flood tire them "drown", especially domestic tire industry countries will be particularly objectionable. Even countries such as Saudi Arabia, no domestic tire industry, but they feel that the influx of so many Chinese tire products, difficult to distinguish between good and bad, therefore, to pass regulations to the poor quality of products excluded from the country.
Electricity supplier will not subvert the traditional marketing model
How do you see the transition from the traditional Chinese tire industry marketing model to the electricity supplier model?
Traditional marketing model is a continuation of decades or even centuries from the electricity supplier only a secondary marketing tool, to rely on the line to support the store. It is not possible to overturn the traditional marketing model.
As early as 2006, the German tire appeared electricity supplier, was the target of criticism prevalent. In fact, it sold well, but always without the support offline. Electricity suppliers to sign and offline stores, you go to the store to pick up, changing a tire stores offer services and charge a service fee.
But now, the traditional marketing model encountered a big problem, you do not need the times?
We need the times, specifically, to gradually reduce sales of intermediate links.
For example, the reason why Bridgestone acquired the chain Pep Boys, is to control the sale terminals, future trends, is the product directly from the factory to the sales terminal.
Only the middle part to reduce the profit margins will be large, and then go to increase the advertising business, so that more consumers aware of their brand, which is a virtuous circle.