Michelin Europe layoffs

2015-11-10 06:54:51 Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd Read
Recently, the Michelin tire company announced that, according to its Strategic Realignment Program, will be closed in Italy Fo Sanuo (Fossano) of the plant before the end of 2016, 400 employees of the plant will be fully cut.
Michelin also said that after the Italian company will continue to streamline staff, by 2020 a further reduction of 178 people on the grounds that, due to overcapacity, companies need to integrate the production plant in order to remain competitive. For the abolition of production capacity, Michelin said it is possible to buy from outside suppliers, or by other factories in Europe available.
According to Michelin's plan, which will each close a factory in the UK, Germany and Italy, and delay investment plans in India. It is predicted that the move would make at least a few hundred employees affected.
Earlier, the US tire manufacturer Goodyear closed some factories in Europe, and is ready to lay off 400 people; tire manufacturer also plans promise to remember in Finland factory layoffs, hundreds of people have been affected.
Insiders judge, tire giants layoffs behavior indicates, the global tire market is facing the risk of entering the "winter", and next year there may be more china tire companies added plant closures and layoffs team.