us tires smartway test introduce

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With the strengthening of people's environmental protection consciousness and the influence of the world energy crisis, the rolling resistance of tire has been paid more attention by the direct influence on fuel economy and automobile exhaust emissions. Europe industrial tire on tire life cycle analysis results show that effect of tire on the environment is occurred with the stage in the tire, the tire rolling resistance of environmental effects accounted for a very large share.
In recent years, the governments of the world have enacted laws and regulations on the rolling resistance of tires. America in December 2007, according to the energy and security proposals approved by the Congress and the president, proposed traffic department to establish a national motor vehicle replacement tires fuel economy rating system, to help consumers decide to buy tires of intention.
Certification introduction
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay certification is an international authority to test the third party certification, certification more efficient and energy-efficient cars and tires and other auto parts. To reduce fuel consumption, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging consumers to buy through the certified products. At present, the SmartWay Technology Group has set up 3 sets of technical verification criteria, including the reduction of vehicle idling emission system, pneumatic equipment and tires.
Smart way certification, strictly speaking, belong to voluntary certification, which means that producers and sellers need to choose whether to need to conform to the smart way. The U. S. environmental protection agency technology evaluation center to develop test requirements, audit and evaluation of vehicle, technology and greenhouse gases and pollution equipment and products. The certification program is designed to recommend reliable performance standards as well as audit test data to ensure that the high efficiency and energy saving effect of vehicles, equipment and products.
The United States environmental protection and has established a sound information inquiry system, through the certification of enterprise information will be updated in the EPA website database. Enterprise as well as the vast number of consumers can be learned through online inquiry through the certification of tire enterprises and patterns.
1 test tire transport process far from sticky tape, the process of sending the tire temperature lower than 40. If conditions permit, the test of the tire's not round and dynamic balance.
2 test specifications must be specified by the EPA, each of the three samples, and the requirements of the test.
3 benchmark tire size is generally 295/75R22.5 or 275/80R22.5; tire level is G (14)
If you test the above specifications, the test data will cover all the specifications of the application. If the test specification is not specified by the EPA, only the actual testing of the tire specifications and can not be certified full specifications
4 Smartway does not authorize tire product print Smartway logo.
After the certification, Smartway will issue a certificate.
Test standards can be chosen by the manufacturers themselves, can choose the SAE standard can also choose ISO standard.
The test should be conducted in a laboratory with ISO17025 qualification.